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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dental practice business and treatment approaches. A literature review

There are many concerns globally as it relates to the impact on the business of the dental practice. This is also being driven by the patient’s ability to pay, be reimbursed or service provided by municipal /government contract. It may also drive treatment planning decisions by the patient in collaboration with the dental professional. 

With continued hotspots globally the dental practice business may continue to face or see higher infection risk for patients and staff(1). To help mitigate the risk the practice of dentistry may need to be modified(2). Results could lead to complications with long term impact(3). However there seems to be reason that Covid-19 can be tamed by vaccination or become less pathogenic and virulent in future(4). The impact on dental treatment approaches makes Teleorthodontics(5), Telemedicine(6) and Teledentistry(7) viable. This includes conducting triage by phone(8,9) or other communication apps(10). Sixty One percent of all treatment plans/protocols appear to be revised/amended(11). In Germany treatment utilization has been reduced by the following: 80% preventive, 76% periodontics, and 70% prothetics(12). Revisions to treatment not only involves aerosol reduction techniques but also infection control practices and procedures to mitigate aerosols(13,14,15,16,17). In addition, immunocompromised patients may not be allowed to receive what would be considered elective dental treatment18). Preventive oral health care is to be postponed for Covid 19 patients for 28 days from onset of symptoms(18). Children should be treated as if they were carriers(19). The short-term impact of a decline in dental care spending by 66% in 2020 and possibly 32% in 2021 is projected in the USA by the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute(20). Most dentists in the USA are reporting a decline in volume of their collections by 5%(20,21). The economic impact have been seen and most likely will increase(22). 

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A Dental Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic—Safer Aerosol-Free Emergent (SAFER) Dentistry

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There are many concerns globally as it relates to the impact on the business of the dental practice. This is also being driven by...

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