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Smile For the World

We live in a fast-paced world, but we have never seen the world change so fast.

GC wants to assure you that the wellbeing of our customers and Associates is our number one priority.

From the beginning, Our global GC Group philosophy, “SEMUI” states that, “True products are made for the good of others, not for our own sake.”

This resonates more than ever with our ongoing commitment to prioritize the needs and benefits of our customers, and the well-being and safety of our stakeholders, partners and associates.

Allow GC to offer you our assistance as needed.

Our sales and customer service teams remain available through virtual meetings and phone support.

We have also made free accredited online education available for you, so that you can continue to learn from the safety of your home.

It has always been GC’s mission to make the twenty-first century the “Century of Health.” We are committed to be your partner and wish you good health. We will make it through this very challenging time. We will not merely endure, we will prevail! And after the sun rises again from the long night, together, we will Smile for the World.

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Dental Education

  • ○ Live Webinar

    Proven Value: How Glass Ionomer Technology Completes Your Restorative Repertoire

    This CE webinar is intended to be a thought-provoking discussion on how a blend of new and old methods and materials can allow us to create lasting value and protection for our patients. Clinical tips and brand suggestions will be included. ...more

  • ○ Podcast

    The Benefits of Glass Ionomer Sealants

    Our guest is Dr. Jeanette MacLean, a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, private practice owner, and internationally recognized advocate and expert on silver diamine fluoride. She was featured in a recent New York Times article on silver diamine fluoride.... more

  • ○ On Demand

    Like a Fine Wine, Glass Ionomer Restoratives Keep Getting Better

    This one-hour CE webinar will describe how glass ionomer restorative materials bond to teeth and how they are useful in caries management. Latest advancements of glass ionomer technology will be discussed and the clinical indications for many types of glass ionomer materials will be described... more

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Safe & Secure Practice

Additional Resources

There are many concerns globally as it relates to the impact on the business of the dental practice. This is also being driven by...

Safe & Secure Practice

Global Resources World Health Organization – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic​ World Health Organization – Rolling Updates on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) FDI World...

Emergency Treatments

Dr. Lance  Kisby  used EQUIA Forte®  HT to achieve a superb seal after capping exposed pulp with Biodentine® (from Septodont). See the before and after below! BEFORE...

Emergency Treatments

Dr. Victor Cedillo Felix treated a patient who presented with pain because of a faulty restoration causing micro leakage and reversible pulpitis. Dr. Cedillo Felix replaced...

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